"We owe it  to our pets to feed them as nature intended. Get knowledgeable about the companies that manufacture the  foods you pay for. Just reading the label can be very deceiving...labels are primarily for marketing."

Meet Eden Lodge Creations Owner, Debbie Noel

Debbie’s love for animals has fueled her wish to be a source of information and education for pet owners, and a provider of affordable species-appropriate foods for dogs and cats. She has been instrumental in organizing events with such prominent speakers as Kymythy Schultze, author of several books on natural pet nutrition, and Dr. Jean Dodd, founder of HemoPet Greyhound Rescue and Adoption. Debbie has attended a UB veterinary mini course, and seminars taught by Dr. Lisa Newman of Azmira Holistic Animal Care, and Dr. Ron Schultz, internationally recognized expert in canine and feline vaccination. Currently she is studying kinesiology and homeopathy.

Here is Debbie's story:

"We became interested in holistic pet health and alternative methods of feeding when we acquired a miniature schnauzer in 1992.  She had many digestive and health issues and we were constantly purchasing pet foods from local stores:  canned, premium dry, and veterinarian-recommended. Everything seemed like it was the answer initially, but within a few weeks the problems with digestion would  start again.  Nightly bouts of throwing up yellow bile and food were common in our household.  None of the local veterinarians had a solution and always recommended steriods. Of course the steroids and vaccines created their own problems.  Scratching, itching,and flea allergies along with food allergies all became part of her life due to a weakened immune system.

In 1999, a Holistic Pet Center opened up, and as soon as I saw the ad I visited the facility. The first visit made me a believer. It just all seemed to make sense.  Stop feeding chemical-laden foods with by-products and things I couldn't pronounce. Stop using steroids and chemical flea treatments and heart worm medications. The first meal of a human grade kibble was the beginning of better health.  I later transitioned to a raw food diet and the results were dramatic. Weight loss, brighter eyes, more energy, no itching and smaller stools. I then learned of a local Holistic Veterinarian who heals with herbs and homeopathics along with chiropractic and acupuncture treatments.

I continue to learn from attending seminars and industry trade shows, meeting the companies who make the food and treats that our pets eat. I decided to fill a need that the majority of pets and pet owners I see have, and sell raw food diets with local delivery and sell treats and supplements to ship".

As your pet’s diet consultant and supplier, Debbie is well qualified to recommend complete and balanced foods for specific needs and tastes.