Start your dogs and cats on raw food now and see the difference!


Eden Lodge Creations is a distributor of raw diets for cats and dogs, providing an affordable way to feed your pets a species-appropriate diet at retail co-op pricing. We have been helping pets and their humans transition to a healthier diet in Western New York  since 2008.

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 Raw Diet Health Benefits

• Shinier, healthier skin and coats 

• Cleaner teeth and fresh breath
• Increased mobility in older animals  
• Improved digestion
• Reduction of allergy symptoms  
• More energy and stamina
• Harder, smaller, less smelly stools  
• Decrease in abnormal hyperactivity
• Better weight control 
• Reduced veterinary dental work

Why Feed a Raw Food Diet?

If your animals are to thrive, they need the live enzymes, phytochemicals, antioxidants, and unadulterated amino acids, vitamins and minerals that only raw food can provide. While commercial pet foods are convenient, most contain sub-standard or condemned meats. And because they are also highly processed, at extreme temperatures, they are devoid of many of the building blocks of good health, and often full of questionable preservatives. Most commercial pet foods contain at least 50% (or more) grain because the carbohydrates are needed to hold the food together. Corn, grains. and their accompanying pesticides and herbicides are known to feed cancers, diabetes and other disorders. Raw diets simulate the menu that nature intended carnivores to eat. At co-op pricing it is now affordable to feed a raw diet. Call 337-3597 today for pricing and samples.

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